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Fuel theft – display, discover and prevent fuel fraud with DKV LIVE

Our latest innovation is designed to minimise fraudulent behaviour and increase security for your customers in their everyday business activities.

DKV LIVE in combination with the DKV fuel card can display, avoid and prevent fuel fraud in future. If the GPS data for your vehicle and the location where refuelling takes place using your DKV fuel card do not agree, then the DKV card will be automatically deactivated, ensuring there is no repetition of wrongful refuelling at your expense.

The customer can also set an alert for suspicious refuelling transactions. This works by the customer presetting a limit for individual refuelling events. If more than this quantity of fuel is purchased, the fuel card is automatically deactivated. 





How does this work?

The DKV LIVE box is powered from the vehicle’s cigarette lighter or an on-board power socket. It can also be wired directly into the vehicle’s electrical system. The DKV fuel card number is first assigned to the associated DKV LIVE Box or to the vehicle in the portal. From then on, every transaction can be tracked and fuel fraud avoided.

  1. In every case where the GPS data for the vehicle significantly differs from the GPS data for the fuel station at which the DKV fuel card is used, a warning appears in the DKV LIVE portal.  The customer is informed by e-mail about the deactivation of the fuel card and further financial loss is avoided. The customer can release the deactivated DKV fuel card in DKV COCKPIT or in the DKV LIVE portal.

  2. The limits for the quantity of fuel purchased in any one fuel transaction can be administered for each vehicle in the DKV LIVE portal. The customer can set values for the fuel tank size or the maximum permissible quantity of fuel purchased. The customer is informed by e-mail if the volume of fuel purchased is greater than the relevant set limit. The customer can release the fuel card in DKV COCKPIT or in the DKV LIVE portal.  

  3. Truck customers receive the engine data* and fuel level information via the DKV LIVE Box. If the fuel level information indicates a negative deviation (a fuel tank float gauge drop), then a warning message is sent to the customer.
    *Functions only with a suitable connection - requires vehicle data.

You benefit from the following advantages:

  • Deactivation of the fuel card on suspicion of fraud or theft 
  • Works throughout the largest fuel network in Europe, with more than 60,000 fuel stations
  • Warning message on suspicious refuelling transactions 
  • Flexible release of deactivated cards in DKV COCKPIT
  • Less financial loss from fuel theft

Would you like to prevent fuel fraud and avoid it in future? Contact us today and benefit from the advantages of all the DKV LIVE features. We would be pleased to advise you.

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